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NFL’s Top 100: Micah Hyde (#62)

Micah Hyde

Usually, it’s better for a pro athlete to play for a big-market or high-profile team if they seek the awards and accolades that come with individual excellence. The difference between being underrated and properly rated (or even overrated) can often come down to location and the logo on one’s uniform.

Defensive back Micah Hyde has gone against the grain in that regard.

After playing his first four NFL seasons with the ever-popular and perennially successful Green Bay Packers, Hyde signed with the Buffalo Bills last season and had a breakout campaign. Continue reading

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In the Cards: Mark Kelso


By sharing some of the football cards from my collection, my goal is to put a spotlight on some defensive backs who may have become underrated or have been forgotten by history.

Mark Kelso, FS, Buffalo Bills (Pro Set 1991)

Let’s stop acting like concussion awareness is something brand-new to the NFL or to its players.

Way back in 1990, the league approved a special padded helmet attachment called a ProCap — known in some circles as a “gazoo helmet” — for a handful of players, most notably Buffalo Bills free safety Mark Kelso. The entire point of the ProCap was to reduce the risk of the user getting a concussion.

That was a quarter-century ago. And so the idea that the NFL and its players were blissfully ignorant about concussions until only recently is equal parts ignorant and inaccurate. Kelso may be the most obvious example of that. Continue reading

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