NFL’s Top 100: Jets CB Darrelle Revis (#24)


If you hadn’t heard it on the grapevine yet, Darrelle Revis is done.

The man who was widely considered the best cornerback in the NFL as recently as the beginning of last season — and is still widely considered one of the greatest of all-time at the position — apparently fell off in a big way in his big return to New York. Revis was so bad that some are saying he shouldn’t even play corner anymore; that he should be moved to safety so he won’t have to directly guard the NFL’s top receivers anymore.

Revis may really be in the process of an irreversible decline at 30 years old, but his peers around the NFL still think highly enough of him that Revis came in at No. 24 on the NFL Network’s ranking of the league’s top 100 players for 2016.

After establishing himself as the league’s premier shutdown corner in the first six years of his pro career with the Jets, Revis went away for two years — spending one forgettable season in Tampa Bay and then winning a Super Bowl with the Patriots — before returning to the Jets in 2015 with a five-year contract worth $70 million.

Last season he posted 39 tackles, five interceptions and four fumble recoveries. And despite all the talk of losing his spot as an elite player at his position, Revis was still named to the Pro Bowl for the seventh time in his career.

The end for Revis may in fact be near, but it’s not yet here.

You can watch the NFL Network segment on Revis HERE, and check out a highlight reel below:

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