Notre Dame’s Max Redfield wants to join the CIA


When you think about it, the name “Max Redfield” sounds more like a fictitious movie spy than an NFL defensive back. So that could be partially why the Notre Dame sophomore safety — who has nine tackles and one interception through the Irish’s first two games — finds himself drawn to a post-football career in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

An excerpt from a feature on Redfield by Chris Hine of the Chicago Tribune:

Sure, there also are plans for Redfield to play in the NFL, but his passions off the field include a burgeoning interest in international relations, an interest he hopes one day will to take him to China.

“I’ve always had an interest in that line of work,” Redfield said. “My personality fits that job. I’m very adventurous, I love to travel; I want to see the world. … (The CIA) is pretty broad-based with jobs but I’d like to get in the field where people would stereotypically think about it.”

That means doing his best Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer impression, decked out in the field with the latest spy gear.

One thing that could realistically stand in the way of Redfield’s dream is that he’s too good at football. Being a starter for Notre Dame and perhaps an NFL player later on would presumably make a person a little too recognizable to get into the spy business. It’s like when Shaq talks about being an undercover cop. As if the being-seven-feet-tall thing isn’t enough of a hindrance, who’s not going to spot the famous athlete in the room?

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